Fence Repair, Installation, and Staining – Troy, OH

Want affordable fence installation in Troy? Or maybe you’d like to have your current fence repaired or professionally stained. Miami Valley Fence Company can help.

Troy Fence Installation & Repair Services

Property owners often think that they’ll be able to perform virtually any task around the house in a DIY capacity – even fence installation. However, careful planning and some specialized tools will be needed to ensure that a fence is properly installed and that it will be able to withstand weather changes over time. 

Correct Supplies are Needed

In addition to specialized tools, the correct stain products, nuts, bolts and/or screws will be needed to erect a fence and ensure that it doesn’t pose a safety hazard to your family or passersby on the sidewalk. Fence posts will need to be sunk to the correct depth in order to provide sufficient stability once everything has been erected as well. 

Any stain that is used outdoors will need to be rated as being weatherproof. If the incorrect product is used, it will not last more than a few months outdoors, which can result in your fence not lasting as long as it should. Experienced installers will know which products are best to use though – and will usually provide you with a few different options.

Obtain Estimates

It’s highly recommended that you obtain physical estimates to have fence repair, installation and staining performed. This will enable you to compare pricing and scopes of work between the various contractors in Troy, OH. Obtaining recommendations for specific contractors is also a good idea, as this will allow you to determine whether a specific service provider offers good service and workmanship or not. 

A reputable tradesperson or company will also offer some form of warranty on their products and labor, so it’s important to inquire about this as well. If no warranty is being offered, it could indicate that the company in question is a fly by night setup or that they could be working with inferior products. Always be wary of companies offering rates that are substantially cheaper than others providing the same services and workmanship, as this could indicate that inferior products will be used.